Privacy and data protection in PROFIT

We make sure that you are always in charge of your private data.

PROFIT, based on your preferences and activity data in the platform, provides you with more accurate recommendations and better user experience. Nevertheless, we consider the protection of your personal data very important. For this reason, you can always review your activity on the platform and make your personal data private and visible only to you, via the settings menu.

Information that follows, is based on common sense and best-practice but also on GDPR, which applies to us while you are using the platform.

Contact details


EEA company is the controller for the personal information processed in the platform:

EEA s.r.o.
Hattalova 12B
831 03 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Phone: +421 2 4445 3690
Fax: +421 2 4445 3854

More information can be found on EEA's web site.


For research purposes, some information is processed also by other partners of the PROFIT consortium:

How is your data used in the platform

Get personalized recommendations

We can provide you with more accurate recommendations on new content and other users with similar interests, based on your preferences and activity data in the platform.

Track your progress & upgrade your level

Your activity data is used in order to give you points and badges for participating on the platform, increase your reputation and level on the platform, and provide you with activity visualizations.

Get rewards and certify your progress

By participating on the platform and upgrading your level, you can unlock moderation rights, gain rewards, and even earn a certificate proving your financial knowledge, based on your progress on the financial literacy test.

How is your data protected in the platform

We make sure your data is safe with us.

In order to achieve that, we apply the following seven principles*:

back arrow Notice — you are always given notice when your data is being collected

back arrow Purpose — your data is used only for the purpose stated

back arrow Consent — our data will not be disclosed without your consent

back arrow Security — collected data is kept secure from any potential abuses

back arrow Disclosure — you are always informed as to who is collecting your data

back arrow Access — you are able to access and change your data at any time

back arrow Accountability — we acknowledge that we, as data collectors, are accountable for following the above principles

*Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), recommendations for protection of personal data

Disclosure of your personal data

In general, we do not share your personal data.

The only exceptions are cases defined by law (GDPR and other legislation). Typical example is law enforcement.

To deliver platform services, we are also using some 3rd-party services (see bellow). Again, we do not share your personal data with them. But while you are using the platform those services can accumulate some information about you.

  • YouTube: We use videos hosted on YouTube in the platform. And YouTube may use their own 3rd-party cookies to track you. More information can be found in Google Privacy Policy.